The prices shown below are per person, per "session" within the designated service area:  
  • A "session" consists of of 8, 30-min. lessons.
  • The service area is within zip codes 34117, 34119, 34120, and 34142.
  • Additional charges apply for those clients in other zip codes, based on distance traveled.

$320 - Private lessons: 1-to-1 participant/instructor ratio
$160 - Semi-private lessons:  2-to-1 participant/instructor ratio
$110 - Small group lessons:  Minimum of 3 participants per class with 1 instructor*
*NOTE:  With semi-private & small group lessons, participants must be of similar age and ability.
Maximum number of participants for small groups:
  • Four participants for 3-4 year old class
  • Six participants for 5-6 year old & 7-8 year old classes
  • Ten participants for adult classes
For ages 6 months - 3 years, the parent or another responsible adult must participate in the lesson; however, there is no charge for the adult.